Direct Payment

There are success stories worth being a part of. Since 2005, SOFORT Banking has been writing such a success story. It all started with the idea of providing online customers with a payment method that they are used to. Paying simply with their online banking details. With SOFORT Banking, this vision has become reality, since it allows all online merchants to generate more sales thanks to fair conditions.

We use the “Piwik” analysis software. This software produces statistics about the history of visits to our website (so-called utilization profiles).

With the help of the “AnonymizeIP” module, we have configured Piwik in such a way that your IP address (the number which your internet provider has allocated to your computer) is only saved in abbreviated form. The utilization profiles generated by Piwik are thus pseudonymized, i.e. it is factually impossible to link the data to a specific person. By means of technical and organizational measures, the pseudonymized utilization profiles are separated from our other data (e.g. from the use of our services or personal data gained from the contact form) and we do not combine them.

Direct Payment
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