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Single-Deck Blackjack Rules

Single Deck Blackjack is played with a deck of 52 cards. After each game, the cards are shuffled together with the stack. Face cards have the value of 10 and numbered cards have the value displayed. Aces either have a value of 1 or 11. Should the playing card with the ace as 1 or 11 exceed the value of 21, then the ace is automatically counted as 1. Players don’t have to indicate the value of the ace as only the value of the better playing card is accepted. The value of a playing card is the sum of the values ​​of the individual cards. For example: A hand of a 3 and a 4 equals 17.

Betting: Your chips are stacked above the game directory in the bottom of the screen according to the values (1€ , 5€ , 25€ , 100€ , 500€). By clicking on the stack of chips with the left mouse button, the player choose the amount he wants to bet. The play can increase or decrease that amount by clicking on the stack he wants to change. By clicking on one of the stacks the corresponding chip is added to your bet. By clicking the right mouse button the play can decrease the planned  bet. You may repeat your last bet by typing on the numeric keypad “0 (zero)”. Additional key combinations are listed below on this page. Should you place an amount which is below, the bet amount is automatically adjusted to the minimum limit.

Once you have placed your amount, two cards will be revealed. The deals receives one face up and one face down card. After the player got two cards he can do the following (depending on the value) by clicking with right mouse button on the respective button:

Hit (Card):

Allows the player to pick another card. The player can pick up as many cards as desired. However, remember that you will lose (bust) if the total value of your hand exceeds 21.


Tells the dealer and everybody else that the player does not want to pick up another card. Your current hand is compared with dealer’s hand.


This option is available once the player has received his first pair of cards. If the player gets two equal cards, the “Split” button appears. The player can now split his cards into two hands and play each hand separately. The player’s initial bet will be copied for the new hand. Every hand is played as usual. An exception is the splitting of aces, where the player will receive only one additional card per hand. Another white field with the total amount of the hand is displayed above the current hand. The player can only split once per hand. Any winnings obtained after splitting a pair will be paid out 1:1.

Double Down:

This option is available after the player has received his first pair of cards. By choosing this option, the following happens: The player only gets one more card, the turn will be ended and the player’s bet will be doubled.


Should the face-up card of the dealer be an ace, the player has the option to opt for an insurance. Thus the player is betting that the dealer ‘s face-down card has a value of 10.

The player can opt for this insurance by clicking the button “Insurance”. If the player do not want to opt for an insurance he must just click “Pass in order to continue his play.

Through this insurance the player is placing a side bet with half of the initial bet. If the dealer really has a card with the value of 10 (a so-called natural blackjack), the player gets paid out double the insurance bet immediately. If the player does not also have a blackjack then the original bet is lost.

If the dealer is not in possession of a natural 21, the rest of the hand and the player loses his insurance bet.

If the player wins he gets back double his initial betting amount.

If the player wins a natural blackjack he will get back a payout in a ratio of 3:2. That means that the player gets back the initial betting amount plus winnings of 150%. For example, the player places a bet of 50€ and win with a natural 21. Now the player gets paid out 50€ of the bet back plus additional 75€. The total value therefore is 125€.


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SingleDeck Blackjack Rules
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