Inform yourself and play safe!

It is considered very safe to play in online casinos. All information that you need to provide to the casino in order to identify yourself are stored in a secure data file. Online casinos have very strict requirements that they must fulfill as a licensee. This also includes to identify if you are the person that has registered the player account/made a Deposit/has played in the casino.

When it comes to payouts in the casino, players will be asked to confirm their provided information in the form of copies. As a general rule, the casino will need a copy of the player’s ID (front and back), a utility bill that is no older than three months with the visible player’s name and address. If a credit card was used for purchases, the casino will ask for a copy of the credit card (front and back). In some casinos the player must fill out a casino-provided form. But that only happens in exceptional cases.


How safe are online casinos?

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