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These bonuses are only valid for first time Deposits.

Existing customers who have Deposited are not eligible to receive the bonus.

Eligible customers are only eligible for one (1) of the above bonuses.

The bonuses are only valid one time per person, per household, per e-mail address, per computer, or per payment details.

Heypoker reserves the right to Withdraw this offering at any time.

Please observe that the Deposit bonuses will be paid out to your main wallet in EUR using a daily updated exchange rate.

Prohibited Program policy

Background and purpose

We recognize that people want to become better poker players so they can improve their performance at our tables. There are a number of techniques that can be used to achieve this goal. In our opinion, not all of the existent tools are consistent with “fair play”. The purpose of this policy is to separate acceptable techniques of performance improvement from techniques that are prohibited at Heypoker.

First of all, we would like to emphasize that education and experience are the strongest ways to develop a more successful game. We encourage this, and recommend worthwhile books, articles and forum engagement for players interested in improving.

We also recognize that numerous software tools are available which promise to help players improve their game performance. After consultation with many of our players, including professional poker players and top poker industry experts, we have decided to clearly separate these programs into two categories:

Software tools that provide a fair advantage to a player and are allowed; and

Software tools that provide an unfair advantage to a player and are prohibited.

We both warn and promise players that we have a strict policy towards the use of prohibited programs. We have a zero-tolerance policy in effect against “poker bot” usage, data mining*, collusion and other forms of cheating.

We want to keep our games fair for everyone and will take necessary measures to ensure this. For this reason, we reserve the right to change this policy at any time and at our own discretion.

Poker Bots

We believe that players who use automated “poker bot” programs to make decisions or take actions on their behalf in games are cheating. All players must be comfortable and secure that they are technologically equal in our card room. To ensure this, we have banned the use of these programs.

To be clear, players are prohibited from operating these programs or allowing these programs to operate while logged into their accounts. This prohibition includes all games, including tournaments and ring games, for all currencies, including real money and play money.

Only humans are permitted to play on our site. Artificially-intelligent programs, processes, applications and all other forms of software and hardware – including “Poker Bots” or “Auto Folders” – are prohibited from making game decisions or taking game action on our site, either under their own auspices or under the supervision of a human.

Data Mining and Statistical Analysis

Through analysis of hand histories, players can learn about patterns, strengths and weaknesses in their game play (and that of their opponents), and determine areas for improvement. We provide comprehensive hand history statistics in our software, but recognize some players want more specific details than that.

Programs that aggregate hand histories to profile a player’s own play and/or the play of opponent players at the same poker table are allowed.

PokerTracker and Holdem Manager, for example, are programs that provide detailed statistical analysis of hand histories for beneficial review. As well as personal game play analysis, these programs also compile and profile a player’s opponents’ play. This is similar to how meticulous players might use our “Player Notes” feature after every hand to compile their own profiles on opponents. As such, these programs are allowed.

Conversely, programs that use statistics not collected by the player himself/herself through ordinary, fair game play, are not allowed. Programs that share data are not allowed. Acquiring hand history in bulk from a third party and use this data in another third party software is also prohibited.

Further, we do not allow players to collude, share hole card information or team up against other players. We also prohibit the use of any software program that facilitates the sharing of this information or player profiles.

PokerEdge and CardAnalyzer, for example, are programs that compile player profiles in a database and then sell subscription access to their systems. These programs allow players to access profile information on players they have never played against, and we believe this provides an unfair advantage. As such, these programs are prohibited.

Examples of acceptable programs

Acceptable programs include, but are not limited to:

GameTime+, PokerAce Heads Up, PokerOffice, PokerTracker, PokerWeapon, Texas Calculatem

Examples of prohibited programs

Prohibited programs include, but are not limited to:

PokerEdge, PokerProphercy, PokiBot, StarSpy, WinHoldem

Supervision and sanctions

We currently have sophisticated processes in place to detect and prevent the use of prohibited programs. This technology is an extension of our anti-collusion security systems, and is deeply integrated with multiple tiers of our client and server architecture.

It is in our collective interest to ensure the safety and integrity of the game and this is part of the security we offer all our players.

We reserve the right to close accounts, seize funds and ban players from playing at Heypoker.com for using prohibited programs or cheating.

More information

Ongame Network nor Heypoker does not actively endorse or support any of the listed third party programs, nor do we guarantee anything regarding functionality, reliability/stability or safety of any of the programs.

If you are considering using a program that is not on this list, please e-mail support with information about the program, including its name and a URL where we can find it. After we review it, we will make a decision about whether or not it is allowed.

Programs with the main purpose to exploit or target recreational players will be prohibited in order to maintain a healthy poker ecology. Ongame Network has the right to on a case by case basis classify certain programs as detrimental to our environment and accordingly prohibit them.