Quasar Gaming Euro 2016 Trophy

The EURO 2016 runs also at Quasar Gaming

Visit now the Quasar Gaming and the EURO 2016 will be more exciting for you! The action begins with the start of European Championship. The players directly will earn great Bonuses for every goal. For those who playing in the Casino it’s easy: just sign up for free for the promotion and get your Bonus for goals! New players can also join this promotion. They only have to sign up sign at the Casino and additionally get a Welcome Bonus!

Grab Bonus for Goals – the way it works

Quasar Gaming Euro 2016There are two levels with whom one collect its bonuses. In Level 1 you get €5 per scored goal and in Level 2 €10. The decisive factor for the level of payments are the player s deposits from the 1st of June on. Until 499 € you are in Lever 1 and from €500 on you are in Level 2. Upgrade to the higher levels is possible at any time during the promotion. More important than the level is choosing the right team. Only many goals also ensure a well-filled Bonus account at the Quasar Gaming.

Clearly, we recommend to bet on the big favorites. Germany is of course a very good option. On one hand, many goals are guaranteed and the other, the team will qualify for the KO round as well. Ideally, you should bet on the next European Champion, because then you have the chance to take €1,000 in cash! The price gets a lucky player who has collected the most Bonuses during the promotion. 

Join and get your Welcome Bonus now

Clearly, players has to be part of the promotion in Quasar Gaming! For this reason we also want encourage all the players who are not yet registered in the Casino, to do that. First, they can participate in the EURO 2016 promotion and they also get offered a decent Welcome Bonus. And there we can make give a special Bonus: you get here exclusively up to €500 bonus with the first deposit. All in all even up to €1000 – free to play. We don’t need to say that this is a great advantage for beginners!

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Bonus for Goals in the Quasar Gaming
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