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Blackjack in online casinos rank among the most searched terms in online casino games. Whether Live Blackjack with real  dealer or Multiplayer Blackjack at the table, the Blackjack is one of the most calculable games to be plaid in an online casino.

The chances of winning are virtually 50% if the player adhere to the basic rules. The basic rules also known as Basic Strategy can be applied to almost every Blackjack game and are easy to understand for Blackjack players.


Play Online Blackjack 

european blackjack

In most online casinos the player can find different kinds of Blackjack. Depending on the casino, they even offer in-house Blackjack games. European Blackjack and Single-Deck Blackjack are the most popular Blackjack games..

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Online Blackjack Games 

There are more than 50 different versions of Blackjack out there and we have listed the most important ones:

Blackjack Software  

Due to the many versions of Blackjack we advise you make use of casinos that use Microgaming software, such as Golden Riviera.

The casinos using Playtech software, such as Bet365 Casino is suitable for the Black Jack Switch version (almost all of them without house advantage).

On the other hand, casinos using Boss Media software, such as Sunset or Casino Club offer the best Multiplayer tables.



Online Casinos Blackjack Systems

One cannot really talk about systems when it comes online Blackjack. In a Blackjack game cards (usually 6 decks) are drawn that are ran through a casino shuffler. Systems are based on games that allow to use tricks.

In the past those tricks in Blackjack were called Counting. With today’s technology this is now impossible. Adhere to the Blackjack Strategy Chart and therefore gain a higher chance of winning.

Online Blackjack Strategy


Basically there is a so-called base game that players can apply when playing online Blackjack. In order to have a fair chance, which lies at about 50%, most players adhere to this strategy. Find out how you can use his strategy by clicking here: Blackjack Strategy.


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Freeroll Blackjack Tournaments


Freeroll tournaments take place on a regular basis at Sunsetclub or at Casino Club. Mondays and Wednesdays you can participate on free tournaments in our chosen Sunset Casino Club. Start is always at 8 pm and the period is 24 hours. 

 Winnings from 50,- up to 500,-

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